Are There Any Challenges With Verbal Translation?

Being a translator, I am always asked whether or not I face any challenges within my work and daily life. And the truth is, being a verbal translator like with any job, does come with a wide variety of challenges.

One of the main challenges I face s a verbal translator is speed. When a language is your native language you tend to speak it at a faster pace. This can make it extremely difficult for the translator to be able to accurately hear and translate what you are saying. This is why if you are using a verbal translator, they will not translate every word. They will only give you a generic meaning of the message being spoken to you.

Another challenge that I face with being a verbal translator is stuttering. When people talk in their native language you can find that stuttering occurs. For example, changing words that you are saying, rephrasing sentences midway through. This does make verbal translating more difficult as you need to keep up with all of the changes to ensure you are passing across the correct message.

Finally, once people know you are a verbal translator, you will always be called upon. Not just in your working life, but in your home and day to day life as well. Whenever issues within translation come across, you will more than likely be called upon to help. Meaning sometimes you will not be paid for the work you are doing. Whilst this is okay the odd time, it can become annoying and a challenge as it makes it impossible to switch off from your working life.

Like with any job, working as a verbal translator does come with its challenges. No work would be needed if there weren’t some challenges involved. And in all honesty, this is what makes working as a verbal translator an interesting industry.