Language Barrier App Solutions

  Perhaps you don’t have the time to learn a language, and language phrase books seem like more hassle than they are worth. With most of us owning smartphone technology already there is a straight forward solution to your dilemma. Available on and are many translation apps. These are easy to use and can break […]

Translations on the Move

There are many applications for mobiles that can give us translations on the move, when you need them, perhaps using Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G, but how accurate are these online translations? Well it’s fair to say that technology is improving, but if you’re looking for fluent translations, you can’t always rely on your mobile device. […]

The Difficulties with Technical Translating

Technical translating is completely different from your general language translations. Every business will have its own jargon, and some jargon is avoidable. This is certainly not the case for scientific, engineering and legal documents. This is what is known as technical translations, and the difficulties lie with understanding. It’s not possible to provide technical translations […]