Enjoying Spains Food Culture

Understanding some of the practices behind Spains gastronomic ways is a great way to enjoy the food of the country, as well as induldge in some of the culture yourself. When it comes to food the Spanish have a long standing and well established culture. A main distinction is the way they enjoy small bites to eat at casual settings, and formal meals that are often enjoyed over the course of a few hours.

When Spanish people stop for a formal meal they like to take their time and enjoy it. Don’t be surprised when a “comida” ends up taking the length of an entire afternoon. Quick bites to eat are much more casual, done in between trips to different venues.

During a formal meal you might notice that some of the portions are very large. These are “raciones” and aren’t supposed to be enjoyed by just one person, they are intended for multiple people so be sure to share it around!