Funny Expressions From Unique Characters

When glancing at some of the unique characters from other languages they can often look like funny expressions, especially when looking from an English speaking perspective. These are often used on the internet to express lighthearted feelings quickly, here are a few of the best examples.

^ – Caret Symbol

A caret is a mark that looks like an upwards pointing arrow. It’s used to make happy faces like ^.^ and ^o^

ω  Greek – Lower case OMEGA

ω is the lower case symbol for omega and is used to make cute animals like (o ω o) and (・ω・*)

益 Chinese – “Profit, Benefit, Advantage”

益 is a Chinese symbol that means profit, benefit or advantage depending on the context it’s used in. When it’s combined with

(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ it looks like a guy flipping a table in rage.

ლ  Georgian – “Las”)

ლ is the gorgian character for “las” and looks like a hand slapping a face when it’s combined with (-‸ლ) This creates the popular face-palm expression.