How Languages Tackle Past Experiences

For all languages, if you want to talk or write about past experiences, you need to be able to use the past tense. However, not all languages tackle the past tense in the same way. Some languages change the entire sentence structure according to the tense, when others use certain words to highlight it.

Once you know the patterns, you can apply them to lots of different situations, such as discussing holidays, what you did over the weekend or what happened at a particular time in the past.

The welsh language for example uses specific past tense words. These are some of the words associated with the past in welsh:

ddoe – yesterday

neithiwr – last night

y llynedd – last year

penwythnos diwethaf – last weekend

Understanding tenses is important. Without the correct tense in place what you are discussing can be taken completely out of context and given an unintentional meaning.