How To Make A High Quality Voice Recording

Making a voice recording isn’t too difficult, so long as you have the right equipment. A microphone and recording device is all that’s required in terms of hardware. However, to get the highest quality recording, there are some additional techniques that can be used.

Make sure the microphone isn’t too close to the source of the audio. If it’s too close, it usually produces a distorted clipping sound. However, if it’s too far from the narrator you may pick up more ambient noise with the audio being less discernible. A good distance is about 6 to 12 inches, this will record a crisp clear voice audio. Also make sure that the microphone isn’t right next to the computer, otherwise it may pick up the fan noise.

Headphones help isolate the audio and you’ll be able to hear any problems with the voice audio more clearly than with speakers. This is especially true when using a laptop as its speakers tend to be subpar with a tinny playback sound.