Is Google Translate A Tool To Be Using?

We see this happen commonly, people travelling abroad to a country they have never been to and that they have no idea on the language they speak. Their go-to tool tends to be Google translate on their electronic device as this seems like a quick and easy way to translate what you need to their language. But, is this really the tool to be using?

Working as a professional translator, you can clearly see the challenges that Google translate gives to both parties when they are trying to convey their needs and responses. Whilst it may seem like a quick fix for the issue, it actually causes more problems so should not be the tool that is used.

In some circumstances, Google translate can get the translation spot on, making the conversation flow easily. But in most cases, the translation is not 100% correct. This can make it difficult for both parties to communicate and get the help they need. Google can mess up some of the words, and some words may have multiple meanings which can confuse both parties.

If you wish to travel abroad, we would recommend that you do not use Google Translate as your way to talk to the locals. Instead, you should try one of these ideas.

You could attempt to learn some basic phrases of the countries native language. The best phrases to learn are the ones you will most commonly need to ask, for example, do you speak English, where are the toilets, how do you get here? As well as learning the most common response, yes, no, and simple directions.

You should also consider investing in a translation dictionary. This will give you a better result than using google translate. Yes, it will take up more time, but it will make the conversation run smoothly.