Learning a new language from your mobile phone

Learning a new language has been made easier than ever, as all you need to do is download the App to your smartphone and you can begin your new language course.

Apps such as Duolingo are free to download, so there is no need to worry about tuition costs. As its on your phone, you can learn whenever you want to, and you’re not tied down to a particular timetable. The flexibility of learning is what makes it so handy, you can learn on the move or from the comfort of your own home.

Choose from a variety of languages and see your progress on a clear layout. It recommends you take one lesson a day for the best results, and they even give you coins for how many consecutive days you have completed a lesson. You can start from basics and aim for fluent in no time at all, with pronunciation checks and interactive learning sessions, this is a great way to learn a new language.