Learning The Basics Of Japanese

If you’re studying Japanese or just about to you may already know how vastly different it is to a European language.

From the lettering to the very structure of the language, there are very few commonalities to English.

One of the first things you should probably learn are the basic verbs. Here are a few examples:

Verb – Translation

tabemasu – to eat

nomimasu – to drink

kaimasu – to buy

mimasu – to watch, look, see

kakimasu – to write, draw, paint

okurimasu – to send

One of the first things most Japanese lessons and Japanese language books will teach the student are the basic verbs. This is because most sentences are structured around an action.

In the sentence:

‘I am eating chips’

‘Watashi wa chippu o tabete imasu’

The verb imasu is used. This means ‘currently going on, eating’. So it describes the time the action is happening and what the action it is.