The development of English Dialects

The evolution of language is a very interesting subject. We can see very poignant examples of this phonomena throughout our history, with the development, and differentiation of languages throughout Europe. French started as Latin, an Italian language, English started as a Germanic language, but as time and distance persisted, differences arouse and were exarcerbated, as they continued to persist. More recently, we can see differences arising
from the different peoples whom speak English, creating new dialects of the English language. For instance, there are a number of differences in the American and Brittish dialects, although this has been mitigated to some extent, as there is still a large amount of cultural exchange between the two countries. We have seen dialects of English arise all over the world, and not just from places which speak it as a first language. Places like China have also developed their own dialect, which can actually be difficult for most native English speakers to understand.