Translating Meaning As Well As Words

One of the main tasks that translators have is communicating what something means.¬†As a translator, it’s your job to come up with the right words to form that perfect sentence and communicate the meaning as well as the logical words used.

This goes deeper than just translating words. Each piece of writing or recorded transcript has a tone of what is being communicated. Naturally, a translation will decipher what the source material is logically saying. But also communicated is a feeling behind the words.

This comes into an understanding of the country of origin, as well as the mannerisms of the speaker. All of these are extra things that need to be considered when translating and often they are overlooked. But understanding the tone of the words can go a long way in communicating something with more depth. Not to mention the fact that if you get the tone right, it often smooths out any mistakes you may have made.